currently working

like staying at home, watch tv, being online, listening to music, eat & sleep

love keroppi, umininn, tatty teddy, slamdunk esp sakuragi, clamp detective school esp takamura suoh, monster inc. esp sulley 

am stubborn, idiotic, petty, easily jealous, egoistic, unreasonable, arrogant, troublesome, crazy, useless, fake, hypocrite, liar, evil, very very kpo, very fussy, tyrannical, nasty, irritating, childish

hate loud music esp techno cos make me headache & heartache, the smoke which come out from cigarette & the smell tat come from the person after he/she smoke (nose allergy, bo bian), squeezy places, strong perfume

in love with Leo Ku, Tension, Jimmy Lin, Westlife, 5566

know how to play saxophone, etc

very into neopets regardless of games or merchandise (user: wenni add me...hehe...)

attracted to purple, rainbow, light/baby colours

life is always so sad and meaningless..