Taken on the boat in Hong Kong..
(btw we went to both Hai Nan Dao & Hong Kong for holiday trip during march 2002..first time whole family go aboard together as well as is the first time mama took areoplane..hehe...)

This is taken in Hai lang gong yuan of Hai Nan Dao
(if i never rem wrongly the place name..one of the newest ming sheng di there..)



i am the onli child in this family.
born on 7 yue chu 7 =  Qi Qiao Jie.
heard tat they go pray for a child somewhere in a house near katib mrt station.
n that make my mama pregnant.
so every year on 7 yue chu 7 got to go there pray.
whether is true or not, i am not sure.
they got married at about 20+.
but my mama is still a gao ling chan fu when giving birth to me.
that means my parents r very old already now.
if lucky already grand parents liao.
like most of their siblings.
my father is 9-10 years older then my mother.
born 1936 (in i/c onli but real one in 1937) n 1946.
my father has 3 sisters 1 brother, my mama has 4 sisters 6 brothers.
quite a big family but not all r in singapore.
my father does not has quite a gd health.
that makes me a bad daughther.cos i cant do anything to help.
the onli thing i can do now is to promote their stall here.
so they can earn more money.
so when u people have time do visit to buy satay from them.
at Blk 511 Bedok North St 3 or Ave 2.
depend on how ppls want it to be.
is the onli chinese stall selling satay there.
the zhao pai is in red back ground n in yeallow words stating CITY SATAY.
so do visit or order satay from them.
appears on ch 8 b4 on da xiao tong chi 2nd series.
can email me oso to know more.

*HYPY may not be correct..i am not an expert..but just like to use it as my english is worst*